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  • My commands don't work

    Command Showcaserrr is where you can showcase your existing commands, it's not where the functionality of your commands exists.

    The goal of Command Showcaserrr is to allow streamers who use multiple bots to showcase all their commands in one spot, instead of having multiple sources. It is not a replacement for StreamElements, Nightbot, etc. If anything, it would be a replacement for their !commands command so users don't have to leave your stream to see your commands.

  • How do I set up a command?

    If, for example, you have chat rules and you'd like to set up a rules command, you would set it up initially in your service of choice, e.g. StreamElements, Nightbot, etc.

    After you've set it up and it's working, you can add it to Command Showcaserrr.

    First, in the name field, you'd type "rules" (without the quotes) and in the description you would type something like "See the chat rules" (without the quotes).

    You would not use Command Showcaserrr to type the actual rules of your chat. Command Showcaserrr is a place to display your existing commands on your Twitch panels, it does not power the commands.

  • Who is this extension for?

    Command Showcaserrr is a Twitch panel extension for streamers that have multiple bots, or for streamers who want to show their commands on their Twitch about page without having users click a link to leave the stream. It can especially be useful for those that have programmed their own bots or who have worked with software developers to get bots programmed for them.

    For example, as a programming streamer, I've built my own bot techydrrroid, but for some functionality I use the StreamElements bot. I don't use the StreamElements !commands command because it doesn't contain all the commands implemented with techydrrroid.

    Instead, I'm manually curating only the commands I'd like my viewers to see in Command Showcaserrr. Using this extension allows me to display my commands without users having to leave my stream to see them.

  • Is there a developer API?

    At this time, there is one public endpoint that allows you to fetch all your active commands. It's the same endpoint that the extension itself uses. At this time, it does not require authentication. Replace :user_id with your own user ID.

    curl -X GET

    The response will include the following fields:

    • name: string
    • description: string
    • roles: string[]
    • weight: int – you can use this for sorting (ascending)

    At some point I may add the ability to programmatically add commands with an authenticated endpoint, but at this time, developers will need to add them manually.

    The functionality of this endpoint is subject to change at any time without warning.

  • Where can I report problems or bugs?

    Please check the Status page before reporting a bug or outage in the event it's a known issue.

    You can report bugs or unreported outages here.